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"A real Southern singer songwriter and a truly gifted piano player raised on gospel and blues, playing sweet brokedown junk to break your heart." -Entertainment Chronicle

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Round and Shiny: There's Meat on Them Bones

Far be it for us to tell you what to stuff into your loved ones' Christmas stockings, Chanukah satchels or Kwanzaa cubbyholes, but music is always in good taste and we've heard some killer CDs lately. You remember CDs, right?

Keyboard-bashing troubadour Darius Holbert, aka Dariustx, was born in Dallas but currently makes his home in La-La Land. We first heard what someone else called his "Southern piano-driven brokedown junk" when a friend played us the sparkling "Wives of the Circle 5," a song with a chorus so gobsmackingly good that it stayed in our heads for days at a time. On his new disc, The Revelator and the Twilight (82music), Darius and his trio continue to hit the sweet spot with a sonic sauce that suggests equal parts Ben Folds, Billy Joel, Randy Newman and The Allman Brothers, some very tangy lyrics, and inspired musicianship.

Simon Glickman
Editorial Emergency

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