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About Dariustx

Darius is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist from Texas and Louisiana steeped in the southern gospel and blues tradition. He is a respected film and tv composer, producer, and session musician with studios in Los Angeles and New York City.

Darius studied music at London's Royal Academy and the University of North Texas. He has produced for, musical directed, performed with, and written for artists as varied as Everlast, Wu-Tang Clan, Dave Brubeck, Britney Spears, Sophie B. Hawkins, House of Pain, Diane Warren, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Bobby Brown (ask him about the Bobby stories sometime). Darius has performed on myriad tv shows like the Tonight Show, The Ellen Show, Fox Good Day and France's Canal +.

DARIUSTX is a release-valve project that Darius has worked on over the past few years in between composing, studio work, and touring. It is a very personal glimpse at this songwriter's heart and mind. He claims he writes, arranges, performs, and produces these DARIUSTX records because it is a cathartic exercise for him, but the fiercely loyal group of DARIUSTX fans continue to show unending support for every release.

As far as his music career, Darius says there is nothing else in the world that he would "rather do...[chuckles]... hell, can do!" He has a fiery passion for music, a palpable ardor rising from his heart.

Darius splits his time between LA, NYC, and TX

for more info on darius holbert's composition, please visit dariusholbert.com