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MERCH - "tothethingsthemselves" Tee
MERCH - "Lights Out for the Territories" Tee
VINYL - DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad
ALBUM - Lights Out for the Territories
ALBUM - The Revelator and the Twilight
ALBUM - tothethingsthemselves
ALBUM - Open Letter
VIDEO - "In the Shadow of the Death-Bird's Wing"
VIDEO - "Lonely Days" - Live at the Kessler
VIDEO - dariustx txrio live on the television
VIDEO - The Damn Well Please Organ Trio

This is the commercial release of the second solo album from dariustx. It is the long-awaited follow up to 2001's 'Open Letter' (2001 82music)

$10 for physical copy (plus s+h)
$9 for digital download + digibooklet
way back when
wives of the circle five
silverlake -or- the terrible drought
god's pockets (the case for religion)
when you are old
lover, you should've come over (not released)

From the moment "tothethingsthemselves" (82music) starts you hear a man driven to make music. Lyrically the album is a trip into a beautiful world of innocent emotion and educated flow shaken with the heart of a rocker and finished with a twist of T&A. Darius' words are so well written you find yourself listening over and over and yet the words never seem to lose definition. You get sucked in. Darius has filled this cd with striking chords, harmonies, and layers of sound that tear into your chest. Track after track you are fed delicacies of seasoned songwriter and masterful musicianship. The pleasantly haunting harmonies Darius creates with his voice combined with the cascading layers of skilled and polished instrumentation gives the album a very grounded balance. "tothethingsthemselves" is not only a handful of fulfilling tunes but a great listen as a complete record. From its start to the sexy hidden tracks at the tail end, you won't be able to let this album alone. Each time you listen to it you get a stomach full of butterflies and chills up your back like you did with your first kiss.

Nic Climer