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MERCH - "tothethingsthemselves" Tee
MERCH - "Lights Out for the Territories" Tee
VINYL - DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad
ALBUM - Lights Out for the Territories
ALBUM - The Revelator and the Twilight
ALBUM - tothethingsthemselves
ALBUM - Open Letter
VIDEO - "In the Shadow of the Death-Bird's Wing"
VIDEO - "Lonely Days" - Live at the Kessler
VIDEO - dariustx txrio live on the television
VIDEO - The Damn Well Please Organ Trio

The Revelator and the Twilight
This is the latest and greatest dtx album, nearly a year in the making. It features the DTX TXRIO - Ryan Rees on bass and Ric Rocc on drums.

Only the physical album has secret links to fan-only b-sides and demos from the now infamous Desert Hole Sessions.

$10 for physical copy (plus s+h)
$9 for digital download + digibooklet
lonely days
this is not a love song
the miracle
the luckiest valentine

We first became aware of Dallas-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Dariustx's "Southern piano-driven brokedown junk" when a friend hipped us to his mesmerizingly great tune "Wives of the Circle 5." The "trailer-park women are beautiful" refrain in that one drilled itself mercilessly into our skulls and paraded around like Pamela Lee in a peignoir for longer than we care to admit.

Not that the other material on his album, tothethingsthemselves, was anything to sneeze at -- and his sound, which suggests Ben Folds and Randy Newman filtered through The Band, balances meaty pop melodies with a Dixie-fried crunch that's relentlessly satisfying.

Now the man (AKA Darius Holbert) is wailing and pounding the keys (and occasional guitar) on the road with his trio, in support of his slammin' new CD, The Revelator and the Twilight.

Simon Glickman, Worn Free Blog